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How We Can Help You


Whether you're in need of a comprehensive eye exam, contact lenses, shopping for new eye wear or wish to inquire about remedies for your particular vision needs,  we're here to help.  

Perhaps you need eyeglasses repaired, replaced, or are looking to purchase an additional pair with your present Rx.  

We repair eyeglasses and provide free adjustments and minor repairs for eyeglasses purchased from us.  Our on site optical finishing lab enables us to fabricate eyeglasses in as little as one hour, in some cases.  

We carry an array of eye wear accessories such as floating eyeglass holders, eyeglass straps, cords, chains, cleaners, cloths, sun clips, custom eyeglass and contact lens cases, OTC readers often referred to as "Cheaters".

Bargains to be had...

some of the best deals in "sight"

optical fashion is not unlike any other industry

styles change  

some designs become discontinued and are replaced by new  

In addition to having available the latest styles we also have some discontinued products that we provide at a fraction of their original price.  


All lenses dispensed in this office are warranted against breakage from normal use for period of 2 years

 Anti reflective (AR) coatings vary in this industry and the quality is directly related to the price paid.  

The best coatings are provided by Zeiss and Crizal.  

They are the only AR coatings we dispense and 

both carry a limited lifetime warranty, 

Please discuss details on product warranty's 

with Dr Escher or his optical staff

See the difference


Lens materials and designs have evolved over the last decade.  Prescription eyeglasses are tools designed to provide maximum vision performance, in general.  If you're looking for the all around one pair does it all,  we may have it...then  again, maybe not.


Single vision , bifocal , and, Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL's)  generally fulfill most peoples needs but there are  occupations wherein  special lens designs are more efficient on the job.

 A middle aged painter, carpenter, plumber, auto mechanic, or even an office administrator who is in general well served by PAL's  finds it difficult to focus when working above eye level at a near ranges.  Repairing a pipe in someones basement, trimming in a window above eye level, working beneath an automobile, entering data on today's very large computer screens  are  tasks best served with lenses designed for those purposes .  The above scenarios indicate the need  for a  pair of  "occupational specific" prescription eyeglasses for maximum visual performance.   The lenses are of special designs and generally not used for day to day wear.  These are used primarily at work just like any other tool of one's trade.  How many saws or hammers does the carpenter have?   How many wrenches does the mechanic have? 

 I think I've made a point,..

  sometimes  there is really no  one pair that does it all.

 Blue blocking lenses

Over the last few years  there has been considerable attention paid to the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to short wavelength blue light., often referred to as HEV (high energy visible) light.  In the past HEV exposure has not been a problem with few exceptions, however,  the dramatic increase in time spent on use of cell phone screens, kindles, tablets, etc, all of which emit HEV has consequences.   Accumulative effects of HEV exposure contribute to cataract formation, dry eye syndrome, and other degenerative conditions . 

 We now advise special blue blocking coatings on all Rx eye wear

 UV filtration

 It's been well established that exposure to UV (invisible ultraviolet light) contributes to numerous degenerative conditions affecting the eyes and for that reason Dr Escher and staff advise UV filtration in all Rx eye wear 

But wait! There's more...

 Thin and ultra lightweight lenses, 

Improved anti-reflective coatings

tints of every imaginable (almost) color and density...It's all here.

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Care


Understanding our patients concerns, needs, and, expectations, combined with a a thorough eye examination is our key to excellence in eye care whether for an infant or an elderly patient.  Expertise, patience, and, meticulous attention to detail starts with the eye exam followed with a discussion of the results and options for treatment (if indicated)  including contact lenses, eyeglasses, medication, low vision aids, etc.

Dry Eye Symptoms...  say good bye to drops! Cutting edge high tech treatments, now available, apply  IPL (intesne pulsed light) therapy to the eyelids with remarkable results.  Treatments are painless with no downtime  and take only a few minutes.  Call us to arrange for a free demonstration of this new procedure

508 255 0444

Emergency services

Emergency patients are seen same day... no appointment necessary for 

embedded foreign bodies in the eyes

minor injuries

 severe painful red eyes  conjunctivitis, etc 

after hours emergency call

 508 771 2140

if no answer 

call Cape Cod Hospital 

508 771 1800



Contact lenses and Dry Eye


The option to wear contact lenses is available for nearly everyone, young or old.   Dr Escher has  extensive knowledge and experience with contact lenses.   His philosophy is that infants and youngsters are just a mini sized adults beset with similar vision problems.   1977 Dr Escher was one of the very first in the United States to fit continuous wear lenses to an infant under two years old.  In the past, he participated as a clinical investigator in FDA contact lens studies including  the first soft lens for the correction of astigmatism, the first B&L bifocal soft lens, Coopervision's first extended wear soft lens. 

As a member of the Mass Society of Optometrists Contact Lens Committee  Dr Escher has made presentations at numerous regional conferences.   

DRY EYE remedies today range from drops to Rx medicine to lacrimal and punctal plugs.  Our  office is pleased to provide care for our many patients affected by this condition,  We have available  all generally accepted treatments  to address this often unrelenting condition.  Including  the latest in cutting edge technology for dry eye ...IPL.  Call our office for a free demo and information about this amazing process.  

508 255 0444

Eyewear and Low Vision Appliances


We carry a wide array of contemporary eye wear ranging from conservative traditional and designer styles to funky

Yes! we like funky too


your input is very much appreciated  

so let us know

 if you'd like us  to carry a particular brand 

I often wonder how some women possess a closet full of shoes,  an array of outfits and expensive purses for varied occasions yet expect one pair of glasses to be chameleonlike adapting to all occasions.  Glasses are the first thing people see when they look at your face. 

It's okay to be glamorous 

Multiple pairs can be fun

As regards lens options, our staff discusses the options available today with each patient taking into consideration their individual needs and expectations.  The last decade has brought about a revolution in prescription optics including materials and designs with significantly  improved optics.  This  is especially beneficial to baby boomers and others wearing progressive addition lenses.

Macular degeneration

 is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.  Unrelenting and progressive, it eventually makes it difficult to see even with prescription lenses.  Low Vision aids available including magnifiers, loupes, and special order appliances can be attached to Rx Eye wear.    

In some cases  patients have been able to maintain their drivers license with prescription telescopic lenses