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Our Optometrists, Dr Paul Ciaccio and Dr Raymond Escher, have been providing vision services and eye care for families across Cape Cod for over forty years.  They have extensive experience in providing contact lens care for young and old.  We have state of the art equipment and utilize new technology but keep in mind...

EYES ARE OLD SCHOOL, VERY OLD and to our knowledge no new models have been brought forth recently.

Eyes today are subject to the same conditions that have affected them for centuries.  New techniques and technology has come about to improve the diagnosis and treatment of many eye conditions BUT some although impressive is 

just bells and whistles...glitter.  

There is no substitute for experience.  New technology used in our office is for one purpose only... to improve our diagnostic/treatment abilities.

Technology combined with our knowledge, extensive experience, and most importantly, our ability to patiently  communicate allows us to provide a level of vision care unsurpassed.

How We Can Help You

Whether you're shopping for new eye wear or wish to update lenses in your existing frame we're here to help.Our on site optical lab enables us to fabricate eyeglasses in as little as one hour, in many cases.  We repair eyeglasses and provide free adjustments and minor repairs for eyeglasses purchased from us.  We carry an array of eye wear accessories such as floating eyeglass holders, eyeglass straps, cords, chains, cleaners, cloths, sun clips, custom eyeglass and contact lens cases, etc. 

See the difference

Lens materials and designs have evolved over the last decade.  If you're looking for the all around one pair does it all...We have it...a nearly paper white lens indoors which turns into a polarized (yes Polarized) sun lens outside.  This material is available in single vision and progressive addition (no line) multifocal lenses.   

Want a shatter resistant lens that can stop a .22 cal bullet?  We have that too, BUT we strongly advise against  wearing the lens in attempting to verify its bullet proof ability.

New lens designs with significantly reduced image distortion and aberrations make it easier to wear progressive addition lenses (no line multifocals) .  Thin and ultra lightweight lenses, 

Improved anti-reflective coatings

tints of every imaginable (almost) color and density...It's all here.

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Care

Understanding our patients concerns, needs, and, expectations, combined with a a thorough eye examination is our key to excellence in eye care whether for an infant or an elderly patient.  Expertise, patience, and, meticulous attention to detail starts with the eye exam followed with a discussion of the results and options for treatment (if indicated)  including contact lenses, eyeglasses, medication, low vision aids, etc.

In addition to routine eye care we treat dry eye, common eye infections, and, injuries such as foreign bodies in the eye.

Emergency patients are seen same day... no appointment necessary

Contact lenses and Dry Eye

The option to wear contact lenses is available for nearly everyone, young or old.  We have extensive experience with contact lenses.   In 1977 Dr Escher was one of the very first in the United States to fit continuous wear lenses to an infant under two years old. He participated as a clinical investigator in FDA Studies including  the first soft lens for correcting astigmatism, the first B&L bifocal soft lens, Coopervision's first extended wear soft lens.  

As a member of the Mass Society of Optometrists Contact Lens Committee  Dr Escher has made presentations at numerous regional conferences.   

DRY EYE remedies today range from drops to Rx medicine to lacrimal and punctal plugs.  We have experience in successfully addressing this often unrelenting condition.  Treatment is covered by most insurance plans.

Eyewear and Low Vision Appliances

We carry a wide array o contemporary eyewear ranging from conservative traditional and designer styles  to funky.

As regards lens options, we patiently discuss the options available today with each patient taking into consideration their individual needs and expectations.  The last decade has brought about a revolution in prescription optics including materials and design with significantly  improved optics.  This  is especially beneficial to baby boomers and others wearing progressive addition lenses.

Low Vision

Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.  Unrelenting and progressive, it eventually makes it difficult to see even with prescription lenses.  We have Low Vision aids available including magnifiers, loupes, and special order appliances to be attached to Rx Eyewear.    IN some cases we've prescribed low vision prescription telescopes with favorable results.

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